Standard Terms and Conditions

Customer Agreement

Terms and Conditions

• Contract is between Water Heater Replacement Pros, Inc. (WHRPros) “seller” and Customer “end user”, seller provides the product and installation of the agreed upon product. Service technician provides labor, delivery, installation material, and city permit.
• All payments pertaining to the installation and or service of the water heater shall be made to “seller”
• Customer will be given an over the phone and/or on line quoted cost of the selected model of customers choice and standard install price with the permit fee for customers specific municipality. Customer acknowledges this is an “over the phone quote” and possible extra charges may apply.
• Service technician (service tech) shall confirm with customer model and extra installation charges if any. Service tech shall perform a pre-install inspection. Service tech will inform, and explain reasons for extra charges that must be performed and extra charges that may have to be performed if any. Examples of charges that may have to be performed are venting performance and providing fresh air intake for combustion. During pre-install inspection often times the water heater is inoperable, in that case the service tech cannot check the venting performance.
• Prior to services being performed, customer shall sign work order agreement and customers credit card will be pre-authorized for agreed upon amount.
• In the event customer declines service during pre-install inspection a $110.00 cancellation fee will be charged. The cancellation fee will not be reimbursed if customer decides to do business with “seller” at a later scheduled service time.
• Upon completion of services, customer will inspect work performed by service tech to verify and confirm all services rendered are to customer’s satisfaction.
• Payment for services rendered is due upon the completion of services prior to the service tech leaving the “end user’s” premise. This includes all extra charges, agreed upon between the service tech and “end user” after pre-inspection and outside the scope of the “seller’s” standard installation.
• Customer has the right to contract with service technician additional services not pertaining to the domestic water heating system(s).
• Warranty- WHRPROS offers 8, 10, and 12 year tank and parts warranties on the Rheem Professional Series residential water heaters depending on model. All of the Rheem Professional Series residential water heaters are covered by a 100% labor coverage for 8 years from the date of installation.
• Standard Install Defined: (1) Standard install shall consist of exact replacement of existing water heater of which is “readily accessible”, on a solid structure capable of bearing the dead load of which will be exerted. (2) Cutting and re-connecting to properly sized copper water distribution piping directly above water heater to within three feet vertically, without turning off the main water shut off to the building, and without having to provide an offset to accommodate for possibly a larger footprint of the new water heater. (3) Removal and re-connect and or replace up to one foot of code approved aluminum venting. It is the “sellers” policy to require galvanized venting to be replaced, even though it may be up to the minimum code standards. Due to the corrosive nature of gas burning appliances, galvanized steel venting has the potential for failure resulting in the spilling of potentially harmful exhaust products into the building posing a serious threat to the health and safety of the occupants. (4) Disconnect and re-connect to properly supported gas line with code approved gas shut off valve. WHRPros will make necessary adjustments in the gas line between the water heaters gas shut off valve and new water heater at no additional fee. (5) Removal of old water heater, installation debris, and packaging material. (6) Post install: Check water heater gas line for leaks, check for proper draft and venting performance, check for water leaks at connections and shut off valve packing, set water heater thermostat at manufacturers recommended setting indicated by either a large arrow on dial or setting labeled “HOT”, introduce customer to new water heater and provide answers to questions customer may have.
• Readily Accessible Defined- A water heater that is readily accessible shall have clear access at least as wide as the new water heater plus 2”. The water heater shall be considered readily accessible if the water heater can be accessed without removing doors, walls, wall covering, or removing equipment such as and not limited to water softeners, water meters, clothes washers and dryers. The water heater shall be considered readily accessible if it can enter and exit on a standard hand truck, in the service techs opinion over structurally sufficient flooring, and stairs, having a riser height not greater than 7.75”.